Parallax One WordPress theme

The Parallax One WordPress theme stands strong as one of our favourite free WordPress themes. The solution includes a beautiful parallax effect that requires a quick image upload. After that users get to enjoy the parallax movement when they scroll down on your page.

Download for free Parallax One a WordPress business theme.

Parallax One WP theme has a responsive design, along with a one page layout for keeping all of the focus on the homepage. This way, it works similar to a landing page, where your conversions are bound to improve and you don’t have to force your customers to jump all over the website.

WordPress Theme Parallax One:

Parallax One

Parallax One theme has localization built right in, and you get unlimited colour options for branding and matching website colours to your logo.

As with all of the best one page WordPress themes, Parallax One includes several modules that are pre-designed for editing and inserting your own content. For example, one of them pulls news and events from multiple sources, keeping your customers updated on what’s coming up.

There’s also a spot to share all of your testimonials from past customers, with pictures, quotes, and links if needed. The easy contact form comes in handy since all you have to do is punch in your email address to start getting communications from customers.

The theme also includes an embedded map just in case you’re running a brick and mortar shop. Along with team member profiles and social media buttons, the Parallax One theme has a wonderful set of tools.

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